any chinese here belive real crystal bring you luck?

April 24, 2009 2:52pm CST
hi any Chinese here believe real crystal bring you luck ? i believe i got some purpler crystal and yellow crystal.
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• United States
24 Apr 09
I am not Chinese, but I do believe in the power or crystals. My family is from Brazil and we value those items there. Many simply market them to tourists...but those are the ones that generally don't contain a lot of energy. I have 2 beautiful pink crystals that I got from there. I'm not sure what kind of energy it is supposed to charge. Do you know?
• Canada
24 Apr 09
Would you be referring to the ''rose quartz'' by any chance? If yes, it's a love stone. It is believed to add positive energy to love relationships. I have read that it also helps clear negative energy, fear and jealousy.
• Singapore
25 Apr 09
if you are a pink crystal , is good in relationship not even love can be friend too.. yellow is luck ,and good for your job. purple is make you smiths and healthy .crystal will tend to change color every time depend on your luck.if your luck turn good the color will be more contrast . if you having a bad luck will turn to white no matter what color will just turn white until one day you got good luck color will turn back your usual color .. do beware a lot place selling fake crystal and won't help you anything and won't change color too