Effects of Parents fighting in front of their children..!!

April 25, 2009 5:35am CST
I was a kid then, but the memories of my childhood are still fresh in my mind. I was like most of the other kids; mischievous, playful, irritating at times and of course childish. I don't know what life was hiding beneath the surface of my childhood.I guess it wanted me to grow faster unlike those other kids. As all other days, on that day too, I went home after school. I parked my bicycle, rang the door bell and waited for somebody to open the door. As I was approaching the door, I could hear Maa and Papa(Father) talking to each other or to frame it properly, they were fighting. I rang the doorbell again and waited for somebody to open it so that I could watch my favourite cartoon. I had already missed 10 minutes of it. In those 10 minutes, I had lost a 30 minute laugh and giggles that i would be sharing the next day at school. The loss cannot be measured because that's the only thing that made me feel superior to most of my classsmates. After all, I was funnier than most of them..!! "Will you come in?", screamed Maa and I just ran inside, switched on that Idiot Box and engrossed yself in the cartoon. I was hoping that Maa will utter all those 'Mummy Chapter - After School Sentences'. But to my surprise she was busy talking to Papa and ignored the 'dirt-filled' uniform that i was wearing. The result - I was a happier person. During the advertisements, I heard the conversation between the two most important persons in my life. They were fighting. They were screaming at each other. They were talking at the top of their voices. They were cursing each other because that is what i thought people do when they talk loudly. Well, I was a kid then. Quarrels and fights, for me, were limited to those childish reasons for proving superiority. The most common list includes: "Why did you drink water from my water bottle without even asking me?" or "Why the hell did you use my pencil? I'll have to sharp it again..!!" or the likes from the 'Children Chapter - Reasons for a Fight'. A real fight for me used to happen only in the 'Unreal World' of Movies where the Hero had all the rights in the world to declare a war against that ugly faced, bad and cruel villain. It was far from reality and so was I. Before that day I hardly remember Maa and Papa fighting. They say that a child has a short memory but I thought of proving to be an exception. For some unknown reason, I started noting all those days when Maa-Papa fought. Soon all the dates of all the following months had red marks on them. That meant, they had fought every day; Every Single Day..!! Maa-Papa started forgeting me. We hardly shared laughs. We hardly had fun. We hardly remained a family. Soon I realised that in the process, I was loosing my childhood. I was losing the most precious thing; My Childhood..!!
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