Just because I'm a woman...

@diutay (1315)
April 25, 2009 9:20am CST
I resigned from a job that I had for nearly ten years January last year. I just felt that we weren't working anymore on what we had for our organization's vision, mission and goal. I felt frustrated. Proposals weren't submitted anymore and the reports weren't even read. That's it. I had enough. Then third quarter last year, the board of directors contacted me and asked for my help because my immediate boss then was granted a graceful exit to avoid controversy). I helped on a voluntary basis. I was offered the recently vacated position. I declined it since I already had another job but I was convinced to go back to my former on a part-time and voluntary basis. They took in another person, a much older one and a male at that, for the top post. What was funny was that after the initial meeting with the new appointees and the old staff, I was not called back again. I waited. I didn't want to appear pushy. Then after several weeks, I still didn't get any word so what I did was to drop by for a visit and find out what the situation is for me to plan accordingly. I had schedules to arrange if ever. I met the new boss. I really had mixed feelings when he told me that they won't take me in anymore because I'm a woman and they wanted a man to handle the programs. To add to that, he also told me that they could not afford to pay me. But what was even more amusing but at the same annoying was that they requested me to be a part of another organization (exclusive for women) so that they can partner with it. And to think that when I was still working there, I was sent to undergo a training for gender empowerment in the organization. Also, I was supposed to go back as volunteer staff and that meant that I'd be working with them for free. What a laugh! I guess, they cannot afford to pay a volunteer worker. Anyway, I still believe in the VMG of that organization. I'd still be willing to help them out but now with more reservations.
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
25 Apr 09
It is sad that there are persons who are still doing the gender stigma. Well if this is a cause where you can help others then I would encourage you to go ahead and volunteer for the women's group. You know no one knows what is hold in the future for them. All the best
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@diutay (1315)
• Philippines
25 Apr 09
Yes, true. It was like seeing an organization take several steps backward. I couldn't actually believe at first that I'd ever experience things like that because of the nature of our work. Women are supposed to be given equal opportunities.