Alchemy Chart and Explanation

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April 25, 2009 11:25pm CST
My boyfriend has a question for the good people of myLot so I'm going to let him take over on this one. [i]OK, I would like to know if anyone has the alchemy chart that the scientists used back in the medieval times to try and figure out how to turn items into gold because I got to thinking. Is it possible that every element in the periodic table is comprised of a natural substance for its very existence? If this is possible I could study the way the atom works and see if it's possible to actually smash certain items together and use certain devices upon them in order to come up with the exact number of neutrons and protons in the nuclei of an atom. Then I could use magnetic devices to add a certain number of electrons as well as strip away the proper number of electrons in order to create the metal, gas, etc. desired. So, the real question is... does anyone have a chart that explains (with the symbols) how they were going to use alchemy from the original scientists of the period?[/i] Not sure if anyone can help him on this but I thought I'd let him give it a shot.
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@Canellita (12051)
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27 Apr 09
Hmmmm, no idea on this, but good luck with that. I have a question for him in return: Do you know what gold is made up of?
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27 Apr 09
I will get him on that.
@shubhamv (152)
• India
15 May 10
I actually heard many times about Alchemy but was never sure that it was real! I found out about it in an Anime: FullMetal Alchemist!! Although I would really like to know about it!!