Ipod, necessity or luxury?

@longgee (137)
April 26, 2009 8:35am CST
Nowadays, people have the latest gadgets not only for flaunting but also for necessity, like the cellphone. For me, you can have a cheaper mp3 player if you just want to hear music while on the go, so i think, ipod is a luxury. What do you think?
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@arcidy (5013)
• United States
22 May 09
Yes I have an ipod wich is about a year old and its a 120 gb the biggest one they have im pretty sure and I have a lot of songs on it more then 3,000 songs. I love that ipod thats the one thing I would not leave home without because I listen to music all the time on it wich I love doing.
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• China
3 May 09
I am a music lover.Now I lision music with MEIZU Mini player.But when i saw the ipod for the first time,i love it at once.I think ipod forn me is luxury,to some one who is rich,it just a mp 3 player,just a piece of cake.
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@22angel22 (450)
• United States
28 Apr 09
Its a luxury, but I prefer the Ipod over the cheaper ones I've bought. Its easier to use and the scrolling... I've even bought the MP4s that look like Ipod and are supposed to work just like an Ipod and I found that I still would rather have the Ipod.
@Galena (9120)
26 Apr 09
no gadget is a necessity. and anyone who has a gadget in order to show off is pathetic. I love my ipod, but I don't flaunt my ipod. I love it because I enjoy using it, listening to music and podcasts while I'm out and about (in my pocket out of sight, I get no cheap thrill hoping someone sees it when I take it out) life isn't about what other people think of your things, but enjoying them. it was a present from my partner, and I enjoy it. but it's not essential. neither is a mobile phone. useful, but not essential.
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