@seabeauty (1480)
United States
April 26, 2009 1:38pm CST
I am afraid of going to the dentist. I am not afraid of the needles, just the Novocaine. I wont even let them give me the nitrous oxide. When I say I am afraid I really am afraid. I don't like the numbness and last time I went, my blood pressure rose when they gave it to me. I don't know of anyone that has a particular phobia to medication of any kind but I am. I wont event take an asprin. Hoping there is someone out there that has the same phobia that can relate. What is your phobia?
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• India
26 Apr 09
I have a strange sort of fear . Fear of suffocation i dont know the scientific name of it either.But I always fear that i may die of loss of oxygen. Iam sometimes really very scared when lift stops in between or moving inside a tunnel or caves.
@seabeauty (1480)
• United States
8 May 09
Sounds like claustrophobia. You are afraid of being in enclosed spaces right? I used to be claustrophobic many years ago. I didn't like riding in a car or going to a movie theater when it was packed.