Gie me the lowdown on mypage5

April 26, 2009 4:34pm CST
I have been pondering joining mypage5 for times when I am too lazy to do any proper work online. Times like tonight when I am shattered after working a long nightshift. I could so with somewhere to socialise apart from facebook. I may as well use a paying site like mypage5. So fill me in, how much can one earn there daily without having to spend hours upon hours on the site and without referrals? I remember yuwie where you had to spend weeks onlien just to get a few cents. Has anyone got any payment proof? Even if they do pay now they may not continue to pay in the future though. It all depends on their advertising revenue.
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@jason1308 (1587)
• France
26 Apr 09
I have been paid on My Page 5, $45 a couple of weeks ago. I did a discussion on it here with the payment proof or you can also see it on my blog, accessed via my Profile page. My Page 5 is a site that pays you for every activity up to certain limits and pays you for them. For example of the earnings you can receive, 2 Cents for every comment on someones profile (10 a day allowed), the same for comments on their Photos, Videos and Music section. Post a Blog (10 allowed, but they only pay for 4) is 10 cents each approved one, make sure it is original and you will also get 2 cents for commenting on others blogs. Then there are the groups, with the same applying 2 cents a go. You can upload photos, up to 400 I think and that is either 2 or 3 Cents each one, and uploading videos is 15 Cents each up to 5 a day. I haven't done any classifieds, but think you get 10 cents each one. For probably an hour a day you will get between $1 - $2 so you should reach payout within a month or max 6 weeks if you visit on a daily basis. You will see the link on my profile or blog, and if you decide to join, a quick tip, upload a photo or picture when you sign up and the admin will credit your account with $5. Full details are on the site with a dedicated FAQ on earnings and most of the members are friendly and helpful, and the admin is always in the chat room should you have any questions. Hope this helps you decide, but as it is free to join, you don't really have much to lose, and if you don't like it then just leave.
27 Apr 09
I am glad you responded. I remember reading your thoughts on mypage5 a few weeks ago and I had said then if you got paid I would join. So guess what I am going to join under you. I may as well try it, if I like it and if I make some extra money what is the harm in hanging around. Could be a good place to promote my websites and writing.
@jason1308 (1587)
• France
29 Apr 09
I have found it a very good site and worthwhile joining, just remember to upload a photo at the same time to get the bonus from admin. I have also found that this has been a very good site to get referrals to my other programs as although you cannot put links on your profiles and others profiles, you can start a blog about a particular program for example MyLot, describe what it is all about and then leave your referral link. Hope you enjoy it on there, any problems just message me.