What is your favorite type of dogand color?

@Lucky12 (770)
United States
April 26, 2009 7:57pm CST
I really don't have a favorite dog. I mean I like any type as long as they are the right color. I really don't choose on color so much, but if it is nt the color or mixed with one that i like then Ireally won't take it. I mean I only like certain dogs that are the color brown to be honest. I mean some don't really look cute brown. Thanks for your opinion and posts.
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@bellaofchaos (11549)
• United States
27 Apr 09
I love all colors of dogs if they are the right fit. My main thing on when I'm looking for a dog is personality and if it fits with the family I hate to say it I would take a pink husky if the husky fit in ...
@jkatmaou (195)
• Philippines
27 Apr 09
i love really big dogs. my choice would be a black bull mastiff or my 2 cute golden retrievers. (cute isn't exactly the right word, as they're of giant breed, much larger than normal) but if i really have to choose a small dog, i would love a black teacup yorkie.
@rosekiss (30389)
• Eugene, Oregon
27 Apr 09
I really don't have a favorite, as I like most dogs, the little ones anyway. I have a bichon and pomeranian. Each weigh between 10 and 15 lbs. However, they are just to heavy to carry them around to much, but my bichon loves to be held and my pom doesn't. For some reason they really don't like to be held all that much. She will jump up on my easy chair and sit on my lap though, but I just can't hold her in my arms as she will jump down right away. My bichon however, love to be held, and if I pick up the pom, my bichon gets jealous and she wants me to pick her up and hold her too. The bichon is white and the pom is a reddigh coior I think. Anyway, I don't know what I would do without them.
• United States
27 Apr 09
I love red or white and even black. My dog is a kind of brownish red with white. You would have to see her, I think she's real pretty.