Recession is a state of mind.

April 26, 2009 10:25pm CST
The recession as it is now is merely a state of mind. Now before you go bashing me read the rest of my post. If you think about it a recession is only a reaction to the thought that we are in a recession. People hear talk of a global economic recession and they start to think, oh my god maybe we are in a recession after all. They tighten up their spending and that thinking spreads to other people. Big corporations realise that people aren't spending as much and they start to get nervous like there is a recession. They start to lay people off so they can stay afloat, and those people that are laid off cant find a new job because every company now believes there's a recession. This spreads throughout the country, then the world and here we are in the middle of a recession all because of a state of mind the world is in. The only problem is that ones the state of mind actually brings us into recession its hard to get out because now the recession is real. We cant buy our way out but we have to just go out the opposite way we came in. Companies need to start hiring people again in order to make jobs. Once this happens rumors will spread that we are coming out of the recession and people will slowly start buying again because they are more confident that they will make it. Slowly but surely we come out of this state of mind and that eliminates the recession. So as I said, the global economic recession is merely a state of mind.
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@flagella08 (5067)
• Philippines
27 Apr 09
very well said and its totally true! mind setting is very powerful that it can influence everybody and in everywhere! in every thing we do, what we believe is usually the ones that will come out. it's because it's what inside our head. it's really all in the mind!