I am off to the dentist

@maximax8 (30126)
United Kingdom
April 27, 2009 4:40am CST
I am only going because it is an emergency. This weekend whilst eating my dinner one of my front teeth in my upper jaw has chipped. I rang the dentist as soon as it opened and luckily they have an appointment later this morning. I am dreading going but really need to. How do you find about visiting the dentist? Have you ever needed a last minute appointment?
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@AmbiePam (51239)
• United States
28 Apr 09
I don't like going to the dentist, but I figure it will save me trouble later. I don't go as often as they recommend because of the cost. But I have had to make an emergecy appointment before. The left side of my face hurt so badly that it gave me a migraine. I went in the next day and they told me my wisdom teeth had to be cut out.
@UK_Shree (3604)
27 Apr 09
Hi there maximax8, I hope your appointment goes well. I have never needed an emergency appointment and to be honest with you I do not really see the dentist too often even though I know I should. My last appointment was around one year ago and at that time I was told my teeth were healthy. I think you will be fine as the dentist will be attending to a chipped tooth rather than a problem which is more intrinsic. Try and stay calm before the appointment - I know many people do get nervous before seeing the dentist but I am sure everything will be okay.
27 Apr 09
Hi maximax8, Funny thing is I don't mind going to the dentist but its the doctors that I don't like going to as I am always that something would be wrong with me when I go, last time my friend went to see her doctor, she was sent to hospital, I just got a thing about doctors that I don't like, dentist is ok for me and hope they can sort your tooth out. Tamara
@marguicha (133217)
• Chile
27 Apr 09
Dearest friend, Don´t be afraid. That is easily memded and won´t hurt you at all.Now they mend it with some plastic stuff that matches the color of your tooth and it leaves it as good as new. For me, the worst thing about visiting a dentist is to get there. Where I live, everything is far away. I needed once a last minute appointment, the dentist was out of town but fortunatly I had a nice studying to be a dentist. She fixed my problem and now takes care of my teeth. When I go see her, she gives me a longer hour. So after my appointment, I invite her to a coffee around the corner Hug
@TLChimes (4838)
• United States
27 Apr 09
I hate the dentist. No doubt about it. I'd rather give birth twice. Good luck and feel better.... in a hurry.