Swine Flu

April 27, 2009 8:39am CST
This morning one report said Canada doesn't have any confirmed cases of the swine flu but two days ago they said there were 6 confirmed cases. Someone has the facts wrong. This flu worries me because I live in a community where travel to Mexico is very popular and just about everyone I know has been there at least once so far this year -- and many have been there more than once. I don't even want to be around anyone who has flu symptoms, a common cold, or anything else. This, at a time when I'm most likely to get out there and mingle with large groups of people. I wonder if anyone else is really worried about this or if it needs to be a certified pandemic before it's trouble.
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• United States
27 Apr 09
I'm going to admit that I am worried about the swine flu and there hasn't even been any cases of it here in Mississippi, where I live. The closest cases I think are in Texas. Even still, I've been doing everything that the CDC suggests to help prevent getting it. I just hope it'll be enough. I think your worries are understandable though with those circumstances. I definitely would be too. I just hope the situation will get under control before it gets a lot worse.
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• Canada
28 Apr 09
I hope it gets better too. I heard tonight, that there's a confirmed case in Ohio and in Michigan That's really close