Do you play the guitar?

United States
April 27, 2009 6:40pm CST
I play the blues! I currently own 5 guitars, although my collection is always changing. My main guitar is a 2002 Fender Stratocaster, heavily modified by me. If you play guitar, what kind of music do you play and which guitars do you prefer?
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• Ireland
3 May 09
Yes I love playing guitar, I play acoustic guitar mainly, I like to test out different types of music, from classical, to pop, i mainly play accompaniment for Irish music though, I did this all last summer which allowed me to buy a very nice acoustic guitar, a Freshman FA400D, i think it is as good as the best Taylor and Martin guitars but is pretty cheap because it is still a relatively unknown brand. I also bought an Antoinio Sanchez spanish guitar which sounds beautiful. I have an electric guitar that i traded my old acoustic guitar for but I rarely play it, just got it for the amp so i can plug my acoustic into it really :P