Some of the funniest things are kids say.

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April 27, 2009 10:29pm CST
I had my two daughters and I was watching my neice. They were all playing in my daughters bedroom. Well, my neice decided she was going get undressed. Well, my daughter called me and told me there was something wrong with her belly button. So I came really quick. I looked at it and I said there's nothing wrong with. She said doesn't have one. I said what do you mean she doesn't have one. She said there isn't a hole there. I said that's because that she has one that stick's instead of going in. I just thought it was so cute when she thought there was something wrong with her belly button because its stuck out instead of going out. Happy Mylotting!!!
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28 Apr 09
That is so so funy I can imagine the stress in her little face about the missing or broken bell button. I remeber one time my son he was three at the time now 11, grown so fast. But he was drinking out of a water bottle he was so thirsty that he managed to suck his lower lip in to the bottle hard enough that it had the water bottle hanging from it....when he ralized it was "stuck' on his face he started screamin "get it off, get it off mommy" this was so funny I hardly could stop laughin to save him from the "attcking arrowhead" bottle. Never a dul moment with kids these days lol