Choco loco!

April 28, 2009 12:22am CST
I was never a big fan of chocolates! I would only take a nibble. My fondness of this oohh so yummy choco was when a special someone of mine would take me out and we would always have a chocolate after eating! He would always pick the dark chocolate type. You know the healthy one. :D He is health conscious. We did this for a few times and now am hooked to chocolate. I even crave for chocolates every now and then. There was also this one time. I was on my way home already when I passed by a coffee shop that had chocolate mouse! Oh my gosh! I just could not stop my self! man am choco loco now!what a term eh? hehehe! So instead of having dinner? I went to that shop and ate the cake! I was so guilty because I was not suppose to be eating chocolate on that day. I was on a diet! hehehe! but we all know that a cake has so many calories? right? Any of my fellow mylotters got hooked up into chocolates or anything? how did it start?and how would you want to end it? Or do you even want to end it? hehehe!
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@greyz7 (860)
• Philippines
10 May 10
my dad loves chocolates so much. my mom even tells me im like him coz i also love chocolates.. i cannot resist it. i just love it so much. i dont eat too much chcolates at one time coz i know it could ahve bad effects.. i just eat a little...but i cnat live without it
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