The SECRET. Law of attraction.

@kodigo (171)
April 28, 2009 1:10am CST
Ever wonder why you would like to get a lot of response when you create a discussions? It makes your account earn points. And you know how to do it? Its the SECRET. The law of attraction. If you keep on thinking what you want to happen and do something for it happen. Then you apply the law of attraction. Try to watch or read "The Secret", its a book about the law of attraction. I was able to watch the movie of it and wow. It is really the secret. I applied it on this post that is why you replied on it. Thanks.
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• United States
5 Nov 09
I listened to a couple CDs of the book on tape of The Secret. It's OK. Stuff like this is really interesting, but I usually find myself disagreeing at some point. And I don't allow myself to go on to believe, it doesn't seem right. A part from The Secret said that you shouldn't look at fat people if you want to lose weight. I thought this was ridiculous. Also offensive. It may work...? But the moral is not genuine enough for me to follow it.
@rsa101 (28259)
• Philippines
18 Aug 09
I have read the book and watched the movie as well. We were in a seminar when that was shown to us. It was really a thought provoking movie. But I feel that it takes a bit harder practicing it on your own. There is a lot of things that we were used to doing when it is not supposed to be in the LOA. For it to work fully on us we should get rid of some habits that we learned to love. Like for example thinking negatively is one habit that we love to do in our lives. I am guilty of doing that to myself and from time to time I have to re orient my way of thinking towards what LOA is teaching us. Sometimes it works for us but since we still cling to this old habit we have the tendency to fail in getting what we want in life. I am still struggling to learn and relearn it eventually there will come a time that it would work for me.