Farewell To You, My Friend

April 28, 2009 2:43am CST
He was a real genius. He never finished college, yet, he could beat even the smartest college guy in the neighborhood. That was because he was a bookworm--he loved books too much he literally ate them, the ideas in the books, I mean. He was good at everything: writing poems, doing science experiments, exploring uncharted forests, book discussions, logic, algebra and trigonometry, and others. He even let us see Mars, Venus, and Pluto through his telescope. I became his best friend, though I was then only 13 and he was in his early twenties. He talked to me about highly intelligent things. I marveled in awe, mouth agaped, though I didn't understand a thing he said. He stopped awhile in the middle of his exhortation, looked at me, and then smiled. He patted my head. "You're still very young, my friend," he said. But he found me a good listener. So he liked going to my place almost daily to talk about intellectual things, though he knew I could barely cope up. He was my first instructor in Karate. He was a first dan black belt. He would drop by our house to check on my Karate form and correct me. After a year, he said I was good enough to be a first dan black belt myself. Later, though, he began asking me really weird questions. They where about God. Did He really exist? What's the meaning of life? Why does man exist? I couldn't give him any answer. I myself was at a loss. All I could think of was that, I didn't have to ask those questions. I just had to believe. "You shouldn't just believe without asking questions," he told me. "You should know the whys of life!" I didn't know at that time that those were his farewell questions to me. In my young age, I never realized that a person could be so serious about such questions as to take his own life! I was the one who identified him at the morgue--his family was too shocked to do it. I was too young to grasp it all. I just ran to our backyard later and secretly wept there. I realized that I was never going to see my friend again. Today, having my own wife and kids, I look back and still remember my friend's face and voice. "You shouldn't just believe and not ask questions about life!" But now I know better. It's better to just enjoy life, whatever circumstances come. Questions are never going to change anything, anyway. But faith will.
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• Philippines
30 Apr 09
"No man is an island" as a saying goes. I believe God created human beings to have fellowship firstly to Him and also to fellow people. It is in this context where friends came in. Normally friends started with familiarity. There are various ways of knowing each other. As their relationship as friends deepen, they will discover the positive and negative characteristics of their friend. As the negative over powers the positive one, the result is separation. That is if the relationship of the involved parties no longer would like to keep the relationship going. Most cases turned out like this. But there are also friendly relationships that are for life or long live. They are not affected with whatsoever trials, turmoils, or what have you that comes and go in between them. They don't settle for less because what is important is the person within their relationship. As a friend there must be something that would bind between them. No matter how long or short the relationship would last, there is that thing that would remind them that there was once a friend that gave an impact in their lives. Just like what you had lowlycook. I praise God that once in your life you've got a friend like the one you shared with us.
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
we sometimes met a true friend or a firend where you can spend more of your hours. we have to treasure everything. we don't know when are we going to be apart. Our jobs, our place separates us from them. But no matter what circumstances will happen still the connection of love and care bridges you to him. I love your story. It's a great unforgettable memories. Then, both of you has life, we need to enjoy and treasure it.
@srganesh (6344)
• India
28 Apr 09
Well,questions will not change anything in this materialistic life.But your mental attitude can be changed and you will understand the basic things and deal all the problems in life with maturity and diplomatic.That is what we impart from questioning all the things. You are lucky to have a friend at the right age.Cheers!