Would you go for career you like or a No Brainer Job with big pay.

April 28, 2009 3:35am CST
I like my job right now, it's a sort of a challenge for me to learn and to be able to create new things like writing articles. The problem is I am underpayed. Just recently, I receive an offer to be my uncle's personal assistant with a huge pay. He is a businessman and the pay is four times of what I'm getting now. What do you think?
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@AmbiePam (57389)
• United States
30 Apr 09
My choice is colored by my situation. I'm on disability and Medicaid. What would I take? I would take the no brainer with big pay. I'd be able to take care of my parents and myself. I would find other ways to challenge myself.
28 Apr 09
Hi sheena, Nice to hear from you, how are you? well to be honest with you, in answer to your question I wouldn't slog my guts out for a company who pays low wage and expect me to work my brains off, I'd rather work for my relative and get more money, after all he is your uncle. Hugs. Tamara xxxx
@1hopefulman (45717)
• Canada
28 Apr 09
Everything comes with a price. See what suits best the goals that you have. Life is not about money, though it is needed in life.
@net_ankit (643)
• India
28 Apr 09
You should grab this opportunity & you are alos getting good money & you will learn something new also but before it speak with your uncle, & yes he is your relative which is more suitable. Otherwise try for 1 week with consideration with your uncle & if you like it then do continue.
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
28 Apr 09
I would decide depending on a lot of factors, the most important thing being my requriement at that point of time. What i mean is that if at that stage of life, money is of utmost importance in order for me to settle down in life, then i guess i would have to make some sacrifises. If the money factor has a lesser influence, then i would most definitely go with the career i like.
@freerr (667)
• China
28 Apr 09
I think the good job should have a long future in whole life. So, I will try to do the job I like and it will be my vacation in my life. "No free lunch in the world". If do the no brainer job now, maybe lost future .