how to keep long-distance love relationship?

April 28, 2009 9:11am CST
My boyfriend is studying in Singapore,i sometimes really feel we are not only geographically far away,but physically,but i still have faith in our love,neither i nor he will split up first,the question is i have to figure out ways to spice our love ,making that we are always be together.
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@ralphido (843)
• India
28 Apr 09
well..seems like you have internet access.. so go for voice chatting or video chatting.. whichever suits you.. but keeping long distance relationship is a hard thing to do.. for one, you would never get to share the sense of touch with your loved one... after some time you will feel you don't share the same kind of feelings you had when you were together... but maybe its something you would have to get used to..
• China
28 Apr 09
thanks for your suggetions,i quite appreciate it ,i think maybe the best way for me now is learn to appreciate and do not ask for too much ...
@weng_08 (282)
• Philippines
28 Apr 09
Hello shadow... Long distance relationship is not that difficult anymore. The internet access has made things easier, it brings people closer, despite the distance. What is important is that you keep in touch, constantly. Lack of communication may lead to loss of feelings, eventually. You can send him emails, talk to him whenever you are both free, use web cams. Give him surprises, you can send him gifts from an online stores. There are so many things that you can do to perk up your long distance relationship. Have a great day! Weng