If you could choose your birthplace..where will it be?

@landi927 (657)
April 28, 2009 12:45pm CST
Surpose that,when you died,god gives you a chance to choose the birthplace of your afterlife,where will it be?You cannot choose your current native country,but other region in the world.And it also means that you will have a totally different life:you are of different skin color from now you have;you will grow up in a place with totally different customs,etc. For me,I would like to be borned in France.If it is possible,in Paris.I really want to know the feeling of living in such a romantic city.And I haven't tried the France food until now.French people are so different from people of our country.So,if i can choose,I want to have a life completely different from my current life. What about you?
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@wc8722 (36)
• United States
28 Apr 09
If I had a choice?...my Birth Place would be Great Britain. I have a unfathomable pull to the British Isles. I can't righlty explain it, but there are many times...that I read about the history there or look at landmarks or different places there...especially Glastonbury!! And the first thing I think of...is the word .....Home.