How bad you were in debt?

United States
April 28, 2009 7:30pm CST
In this recession, I believe that many of us probably in debt. I have no exception. I want to get rid of credit card so badly. I had made a couple of line transfer from a high interest rate card to another low interest rate card. It seems my debt is still there. I had make up my mind of getting rid bad spending habits. Like some mylotters advised me, I should try my effort to get rid of lowest amount, then to the highest amount. Any other good suggestions here? I am all ears.
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@sanuanu (11235)
• India
1 May 09
Very badly. I am under great debt. The credit card bill is almost Rs 60K and other debts are with us also with absolutely no source of income. I am planning to move out from my town to go metropolitan city to earn money. There is no option left for me. I can't opt for a low salary job here and pay interest over my debt. i want to get over my debts asap!
@bubblyapple (2654)
• Philippines
29 Apr 09
Transfering your balance to a lower interest card is a good move. You don't want ti be paying and then the money would just go on the interest. If possible, if your budget could afford it, pay more than the minimum amount due. The most important of all is STOP using the card. Have a budget and stay within that. I am able to cut down my credit card debts. Now, I am down to paying just ONE credit card. It has a huge balance since I used it to pay my tuition. Nonetheless, I am trying to pay more than the minimum amount due and I DONT USE IT ANYMORE.