"They Shall Never Perish" (John 10.28)

April 28, 2009 7:57pm CST
It seems many Christians struggle in their spiritual lives. They find it hard to maintain a clean and healthy relationship with God that goes from glory to glory. The Christian life should be an ever increasing and ascending experience. You should become more humble, meeker, more patient and understanding, and wiser. What's the secret? We should remember what Christ declared and should focus all our lives to it: He said "My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life. They shall never perish. No one can pluck them from my hands." The correct experience is that, we should NEVER perish. We should never have a dead or dying spiritual life. Don't think a dead spiritual life is normal. But why are so many "dead" Christians lying around, defeated in battle? It's because of deception. The enemy steals, kills, and destroys through only two ways: by deception and by fear. He has NO POWER except that---trick us and frighten us. Don't allow yourself to be fooled and believe that you are weak and defeated and have no interest in meditating the Word and doing God's works in church. These are all demonic suggestions (negative brainwashing)that become ingrained and soon becomes auto-suggestions. When they become auto-suggestions they become strongholds hard to fight. You begin believing you are really like that. To fight this, you have to "brainwash" yourself, by the Spirit's power. Begin believing and living and behaving like you are Jesus Christ Himself. It's the concept of radical Christlikeness. Start thinking, "Jesus is 100 percent in me, so I must act and live like He did!" Keep repeating that to yourself several times a day, daily. The Word you releases to yourself has a tremendous power to uproot mountains and throw them into the sea. But you must say them, verbally, to yourself, and begin believing it. You must "say to this mountain, 'be removed' and not have any doubt, it will obey you!" People who are in Jesus' hands and who cannot be plucked out of them are those who NEVER perish spiritually. They hear Jesus' voice, they follow Him, and Jesus knows them. If you're not like that, though you've surrendered your life to Him and have received Him, it's because you've been listening to the devil. And as you continue doing so, the lies become strongholds in you. But there's still hope. Simply begin reversing the trend. Using the Spirit's power, BELIEVE and ACT that Jesus is living your life.
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