Kate Moss is Fat?

United States
April 28, 2009 10:44pm CST
I just read the fashion news a moment ago. It says, Kate Moss is fat? My goodness! How do we define fat now? I mean she put on weight but she still looks fabulous if not better when she was slim. How do you react to this? Should we just let critics decide what is fat and thin and what looks good or not?
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• India
9 Aug 09
I guess if a model is not skinny and looks malnuorished, then she is fat. Most people are just waiting like hungry wolves, to check which model is gaining weight. The moment they find any model who are not skinny, they shout "she is fat"
@reckon21 (3485)
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
I don't think so. Kate Moss has the ideal body for me. I don't like too thin girls, i will always feel that if there's a strong wind they will be carried away faster than a blink of an eye. Fashion really blinds women to the image they want to portray.
@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
1 May 09
I guess it depends on the kind of world we live in. Kate Moss' is a world that let's them profit by being thin. They're like commodities so they must agree to maintain the 'qualities' set by their sellers and buyers. I know it seems harsh, but that is their world, harsh. The only sad repercussion of that is that it seems to be projecting to young minds that these are the way that cool people should look. Individualism has just gone out of the roof.