is mylot the known popular around you?

@fwangaa (3058)
April 29, 2009 2:01am CST
many people around me, don't know the site about mylot. are people around you know this site? if they know this site , will they like this site? did you ever talk them about this site?
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@spirite68 (185)
• France
29 Apr 09
Around me, no one know the site about mylot, why?? Because I live in france and this forum is english but me I use it for gained in my english vocabulary, and I promise that in a few days there will be more french here ;)
@fwangaa (3058)
• China
29 Apr 09
is French as similar as english?
• Philippines
29 Apr 09
That would be an advantage on your part if the people around you don't know about Mylot. If I were you, convince them to join Mylot and make them your downline. You will earn big from them and you may even reach the monthly payout without working much.
@Sandra1952 (6051)
• Spain
29 Apr 09
I only stumbled across the site last week, so none of my friends and contacts know about it. I intend to change that very soon, though. From what I've seen, the site is well regulated with a wide range of discussions, and the chance to earn a little money. Whether it will be a good earner remains to be seen, but I'm enjoying the site. It doesn't always have to be about money, although we can all do with a little extra, especially these days.
• United States
29 Apr 09
I've got a few people interested in posting on MyLot, they'd be willing to try it for a few days to see what kind of monetary value they can earn- that's what it seems most people are looking for in this harsh economy, rather than just the joy of posting. If I were going to get a bunch of other people involved in MyLot, i'd ask them politely if they would like to be one of my referrals.