Alternate to Mturk?

April 29, 2009 5:26am CST
Any one know that alternate to mturk..... Mturk is a good site even i need to know that any one offer like mturk.
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• Germany
30 Apr 09
SIMILAR WEBSITE IS... Have a nice day.! i need some help too.. I would also like to know if i request a payment from mturk , how long it will take to reach the address. In website they mention 6 weeks, but i kNow practically its wil take max of 1 or 2 weeks. can u tell me exactly how many days it wil take FOR the indian check to REACH THE address from the day i get the exchange rate mail FROM MTURK.?
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• India
2 May 09
thanks for your reply
• India
4 May 09
Yes, I was told that I would receive it in 6 weeks but I received my check in 3 weeks. I received it yesterday, the 4th of May. I had requested payment sometime in April.
• United States
29 Apr 09
Well the only thing I know of that is similar to mturk is here at Mylot. Mylot has the task section that some have compared to Mturk. But in order to do such task you must check in your task section during the morning,afternoon and evening to see if their are any task available..Once you do the task you have to wait to see if mylot approves it before you can earn your money from. The money you earn varies depending on the task.Good Luck!
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@kayedanda (1850)
• Philippines
13 Jul 09
i suggest i have an affiliate link but we're not allowed to post it here, so if you want it, you can PM me. they give a $2 sign up bonus.
• South Africa
11 Aug 09
Mturk is a good place to start to earn some money. But it is difficult exchange them to real money.
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
1 May 09
sorry i have no sites like this one to suggest and that i am not familiar with mturk as well.