Which type of Operating System softwares should we use - propreatery or free?

April 29, 2009 6:37am CST
I have been using Windows-XP as my operating software and now I want to use Linux along with it. But as I was looking at which one I should opt for the new Ubuntu arrived in the market. Now how good will be this ubuntu? I went to the website of ubuntu (www.ubuntu.com) but it took nearly half an hour to open and when it was atlast open I got a message that currently this site is offline due to a rush of visitors!!! Oh this is some software. The expectation from this ubuntu is great. Hope it will be a success.
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@emojboy (632)
• Philippines
4 May 09
Well my operating systems are free to download using torrent downloading. It is hundred percent free from www.minninova.org and www.bitcomet.com. I think it is better to use Ubuntu when its primarily use of the computer is internet and media. If you have application that is only compatible to windows then that is a very big problem. I used Ubuntu on my VMWare Workstation and it works great but I have hard time adapting it completely because my primary operating system is windows xp professional service pack 2.
• India
15 May 09
Thanks for your suggestions. My internet speed is less (the provider claims 256kbps while I find it only 100kbps maximum.Is there any way I can download these softwares with such less speeds? I have tried to download large files(500MB) and failed.
• Philippines
16 May 09
If you can't download it from the website or from torrents, you might as well just buy a cd copy, so you don't have to download. 500 MB is a lot; even with my speed (768 kbps), it would take me about 2 hours.
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@curry33 (67)
• China
1 May 09
you see,Ubuntu is really a big success, and i use it sometime,the speed of surfing internet is faster than the speed in Windows, but sometime i had to do works in XP,for i cannot find the software in linux,or i cannot do the job well in linux, but linux is really a good choice,it's funny,
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@megh4u (372)
• Alpharetta, Georgia
29 Apr 09
I don't know much about new ubuntu but I know about the previous ubuntu that was good according to me the new version might me faster and more powerful...I like to use Linux operating system currently I am using windows xp it is also good even better than vista and windows 7 since it provide high speed and better performance, but still I like Linux most I because I am a programmer and have to work in linux because it doesnot have bugs and work efficiently where in windows it get corrupted any time....its not reliable for programmer so we prefer Linux based OS and the most important thing about linux is that it is freeware.
@gunagohan (3414)
• India
29 Apr 09
im using windows 7 beta version an advanced version of windows vista....im just hearing from u about ubuntu...is that an user friendly software???u can run xp and linux both in a single system and u can access both operating system at a single time by using virtual box....i will go into this ubuntu and explore about it..but i think windows operating system is always safe and secure.. happy mylotting...
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