Jeff Hardy May Be Staying After All & Getting a Reality Show On MTV

@LevysLuv (238)
United States
April 29, 2009 10:00pm CST
The latest is that Jeff has been giving the impression to friends that he will in fact re-sign with WWE before his contract expires this summer. While he is burned out with the hectic travel schedule, his willingness to walk away from WWE has given him negotiating leverage and he will likely ask for a reduced schedule, similar to the Undertaker's deal. I'm really hoping there's some truth to this. In other Hardy news, the former WWE Champion has had talks with MTV regarding a reality television series. Matt and Jeff currently produce the online video show "The Hardy Show" and the MTV series would likely tie into that. I have seen The Hardy Show and its pretty entertaining. I don't know if I see it being on MTV though.
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@charblaize (1026)
• United States
9 May 09
Jeff is not yet for sure what he would like to do. I know wrestling is his life and that is all he is for, yet we also know he cannot afford a "third strike." I know the travels they endure is very hard on a person, plus the workout, appearances and shows can wear one out tremendously. If he does, I just hope he will stay and cut his time. If he leaves, I won't be watching anymore. As for them putting the "the hardy show" on MTV???? I don't know about that, it was to be a "only show online" sort of thing and that may make it more popular in TV and what does Matt have to say about this?
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4 May 09
You have to keep in mind that MTV and VH1 is where reality t.v. has gone to die. If there is a show for JEFF (not matt and jeff) you have given me a good reason to pay my cable bill and wait patiently...I hope there is some truth to this too because the scare of my life had to be when I thought Jeff was leaving the WWE..