how do you react when your love one broke u up?

@sambilay (171)
April 29, 2009 11:49pm CST
do you feel so sad about it? and how do you recover?
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• United States
11 May 09
I recently got out of a Long and serious relationship, my now ex boyfriend left me for his pregnant x girlfriend he is now engaged to and it is not his kid, he also proposed 2 her the same night we broke up. It did hurt alot but I learned ignoring him works amazing. I blocked him off myspace and deleted him off aim so I could not see any posts about them. i never responded to his texts or calls and deleted his numbers so his name never popped up on my phone. I learned sticking to a theme song gets you really going, if u ever start to think about him or her just blast that theme song. mine is echo by gorrilla zoe! I also surrounded myself with all of my closets friends so I was never alone "dwelling" or "thinking" about what coulda or shoulda been and I make sure my friends know not to mention him! and hell yea it did hurt and i was sad, still am but realizing its not worth staying upset over makes it easier to move on and find who is actually worth your time. There is a famous sayin I love about relationships.. "my past was juss practice".. so i think that and smile and when i see him at work {yes we work together =( } i juss act as if he never hurt me or that im busy.. but everyone recovers in there own way.
@chiyosan (30208)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
im glad i never had this kind of experience. i mean, i was the one who decided in my past relationship that everything is over...
@malou17 (270)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
well i just dont mind him... he will regret that he is the one who broke up with me.. and i dont care bcoz there still many guys better than him... i should not waste my time crying on with him... but first i will be sad.. but the thing that i will do to forget him is just think of the negative things he does to you or if not just think of some negative things that he just do to you.