New TwtAd TOS. Can we earn much money now?

@menulis (468)
April 30, 2009 3:36am CST
I joined Twitter 4 days ago and i also sign up twtad. My earning is still under $1. It was hard rite? And now Twtad has new TOS New Terms added in TOS 4/29/2009 4. Publisher Account (a) You can only post ads from twtAd to a real, valid account in a microblogging or blogging service or website. A real, valid account is one in which you carry out real social conversations, posting your ideas or views, or updating your status or news events to other users, collectively referred to as valid posts. An account containing mostly ads is not a real, valid account. (b) There must be at least five valid posts between any two ads, from twtAd or any other advertisers. You will not post the same ad more than once in a 3-day time period. (c) You can only post ads to a real, valid account using the Post Ad function within twtAd. You will not copy or alter the ads in any way, and will not post any ads from twtAd in any other place on the Internet and will not transmit any ads from twtAd by any other means, including, but not limited to, email and IM. (d) You will not click on an ad you post, and will not encourage, mislead, ask, trick or induce in any other manner, your followers or any other users to click on ads you post. (e) You understand and accept that if twtAD determines in its sole discretion that you violate this TOS in any manner, your account will be immediately deleted without warning and you will not attempt to register for another account on twtAd. You understand and agree that when your account is deleted from twtAd for violation of this TOS, all your earnings will be forfeited. i am not sure we can earn much money on Twitter. What do you think about new TwtAd TOS?
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@venmarz13 (735)
• Indonesia
1 May 09
im still confuse with the TOS.i havent get any follower yet.wanna exchange follow?PM me for your many money that we can get if we wanna reach the minimum to cashout?it hard to make bussines her or not?can you guide me.i dont really understand what should i do then
• United States
30 Apr 09
i am having problems with my twsads they are not posting and they wont let me post anymore i been trying for days now i contacked edmin and noone has gotten back to me.