They don't understand! Because I'm not good in explaining...

@gotcho0O (1257)
United States
April 30, 2009 11:31am CST
Scary! Loud footsteps you hear at the stairs. Coming up..getting closer and then when I look, it was my Mom, carrying loads of clothes from the basement where our laundry machine is located. I love her sooo much. But sometimes, she gets into my nerve soo bad. Whenever she sees me busy doing something with my laptop, she'll find a way to yell at me to clean this and that. It's like, she wants me to be useful eventhough I am already. I mean, I'm not that lazy..It's actually hard to explain since it didn't happened to you. When it comes to dressing myself, she doesn't like my style and then will force me to wear what she likes me to wear. And then I don't argue with her instead I will just smile even pain is inside of me. Because she's like a thunder bolt when there's a fight lol. Oh well, thanks, I just want to type it down here to ease the feeling. *sigh*
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@smileonstar (4007)
• United States
30 Apr 09
HI, I know how you feel and I used to be in that situation too... However, no more and I am not living with her either. Mom is always mom and she always want to be the boss in the family. If you are the only daughter, then she will be so mean at you. if you ask me why? I have no idea either... some might answer for both of us, protect and care. The reason why she doesn't want you to wear your style cuz she doesn't live sexy, she wants you to be cover and go to her way. She doesn't want the boy to look at you in different way, you know what i mean, right? Sometimes, she thought you might be doing something junk on computer and not helping her at all... she tries to keep you busy with her, not something else. I guess, she is bored or tired from house work. Even me, If I feel so tired from house work or anything and the kids mess around and then I just scream... make sure they are out of my way. Good luck to you and you will be find... she knows you are a good girl.
@gotcho0O (1257)
• United States
1 Aug 09
Thank you. Appreciate it.. Well, the thing is, my Mom actually is nice.. But when she gets crazy that's when thunder hits me lol. Uhm, about the style, she's not actually conservative.. Way back when she was younger, her styles are sophisticated and elegant. While me, I'm kind of urban and sometimes hip-hop. I'm moody in fashion. I can be trashy or weird hahaha... But I'm not like her who is always glamour and elegant. And then told her today that this is me, I'm real..and then she smiled..She's in the good mood..^_^..