Updates from Noexpiry

@janyen (623)
April 30, 2009 1:02pm CST
i was saddened about the news that noexpiry is no longer a paid to post forum and it means most of the members that do not reach payout losses their earnings like me. i do not know when this will be back again but i really am disappointed with it. i spent sometime there and will almost reach payout. what about you?
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@venmarz13 (735)
• Indonesia
2 May 09
ehm it so badnews.im like you.but i know im not lost anything since i didnt active in that site.i only wanna find another legit site.it hard to stand in internet online bussiness right?..many scam many people waste the time.i dont wanna like it too.if you have any legit site please tell me.
@janyen (623)
• Netherlands
5 May 09
i agree with you. online opportunities are not really good! you'll never know if they will still be paying you for the months to come!
@pals101 (2011)
• Philippines
23 May 09
I never heard about that site, but the fact that the website is no longer paying its member. Have you ask already the website why are they expiring? But i guess there's nothing we can do about this. Just be sure next time to find and register only on online earning sites that really pays well and has many years in the business.
• India
23 May 09
Hello my friend janyen Ji, AS viewed by me earlier, I find only myLot is only trusted site, provided on eremains within frame work of it's rule/conduct of code. I have no second thinking for any other sites. They are simply useless/baseless and waste of time. May God bless You and have a great time.
• United States
5 May 09
I am sorry to hear about this from Noexpiry... it was a site I signed up with in January but I wasnt active with it. I had heard about it from here at mylot but there wasnt much talk of it so I just joined and figured I would find the time to go back to check it out but never did. Now I am glad that I didnt, but so sorry to hear that you lost your earnings there... that is very disappointing. I hope you have a few other sites that do pay and are still working for you. I have about 5 sites that I have been paid with and will stick with... but I dont make alot of money, just about 30.-50.00 a month, so I will stick to that since they do pay... and hopefully we will hear of some other great sites in the future that will be just as good and pays!!! happy mylotting!!
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
1 May 09
It is not surprising to see this happening. It had less control over the postings, resulting in 'empty' comments. To attract members it offered a fairly high rate. This attracted those who wrote responses for the sake of getting money. I have not reached payout. Slightly disappointed, but I am not active there. I believe without the money the number of active members there will decrease, since many of them are there for the money. I do not see myself as having wasted my time because as a forum site it does have useful information. all the best, rosdimy