I definitely won't make payout this month

@CRSunrise (2964)
United States
April 30, 2009 10:54pm CST
I'm only at $1.38 right now. There's no way that's going to happen. I just did not have the time to sit down at this site. There was just no time for that. I won't be getting any money this next month, unless I get lucky and receive a pitiful payment from pickjack.
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@Canellita (12056)
• United States
5 May 09
Hope next month is better for you. The only site I will receive a payout from is this one and that is because of tasks. I just spent 5 nights away from home so no activity online. but I should get it next time around at gather at least.
@sanuanu (11235)
• India
2 May 09
Awww, so, you were busy at your household jobs. I can remember 2007, when I didn't make a single penny through out the year and this year I will be getting my third payment from mylot itself. What is the reason, just becaues I have more time to spend on mylot that it! I hope your next month will bring more money to it!
@myl999 (2093)
• India
1 May 09
that is right i am also not getting a payout this month but i am pretty sure very soon with a routine time using mylot and getting some referrals i will be getting a payout every month and also do a lot of information exchange in mylot and friends actually this site i am using not only for money but as i am getting some money i would like to get a payout each month...so i can use that money to buy things over the net that is again delightful not..i like this site very much and be with it anyhow
@Calais (10899)
• Australia
1 May 09
Your doing better than me, I also wont be making payout this month.
@Bethany1202 (3432)
• United States
1 May 09
Ha, don't feel bad, I share your pain -- I am only up to $1.59. I probably won't make payout next month either, but I might try... If not, it will be my typical every-3-months payout!! Lol