How often did you pray God??

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May 1, 2009 1:26am CST
People used to pray god in different situations according to their habits.. - Some of the people used to pray god when ever they come across some of the bad moments.. - Some others used to pray god when they need the good news/information/work - Some of the people used to pray when they are going to the Examinations/Interview or some other important places. - Some of the people used to pray god If they need to win in some of the Games or something - Some of the people used to pray god when ever they need to travel for a long distance.. In most of the situations the people used to pray god, to make them to be a favour for their present activities.. But Very few people only used to pray god for others and also they may pray for on regularly. And very few of them only used to say "Thanks" to God for giving the good life to live in this earth, and also for the blessings received by God. What about you?? and did you come across in any of the above category people..? Please share.. Have a good day.
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• Philippines
1 May 09
I pray every night before i sleep.:) and these are the top 3 things that covers up my prayer every night:1: Thanking God for that day even though lots of mishaps and carelessness takes place.Everything happens for a reason right?With this,I always thank him before i go to sleep.Living for me on the day is probably a great blessing and it's up to us to nurture that day for our own good. 2: Saying Sorry for all the wrong things I've done on that day. I tried to recapped all those that happened to be those wrong things to do. At the end of it, I would say, I'm willing to take the possible consequences of such wrong doings. 3: Asking God to take care of my mom no matter what and sometimes praying to help unfortunate people in the World.I know it's a bit cheesy,but yeah,I do pray for those sort of things. It doesn't really matter on what i want or what i wish to happen for myself. I probably know God knows what's good for me and all I have to do is to pray for my own personal reflection on that day and most importantly, for my loved ones and also for people who needs most prayers right now. and also my prayer includes not letting us have nightmares on our sleep throughout the whole night and protect us from evil and bad intentions from other people. Lastly,I also include keeping me away from bugs and creepy crawlies because I FEAR THEM very much. and those category you've mentioned above,I pray for those too but I include those in my daily simple prayer or conversation with GOD.:)
• India
2 May 09
Thanks for your response, Very touching response. Have a good day.
• Indonesia
7 May 09
for me pray to God is every breath we take. because every single step in our live is depend on God ways... we always be like that, i think it's already be our destiny. we can't do anything without God.