Crew Needed

May 1, 2009 6:07am CST
Hello people. I'm a teenager from India and owns a computer blog. Its new and I'm posting regularly. I think it could be converted into a good money-making machine or at least a good blog with a few helping hands. unfortunately, I don't have all the necessary skills for the job. this is the blog: I need crew members to develop this shabby little blog into a web-wide hit. No, I won't take away all the credit. I remain the owner, but all revenue (if we manage to make some) will be shared equally and authors will be given due credit. It's not because my blog is special or something. Just that it would be good if several people having common interests come together and do something. Are you interested in writing in my blog? Welcome to the crew (crew? I like to cal it crew because.......well.....for a change) N.B ONLY PEOPLE INTERESTED IN COMPUTERS PLEASE. DECENT language. Only English. Even if you are no author but a computer-savvy person, you too are welcome! Everyone with a passion for computers can join!
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@amitksing (1323)
• India
1 May 09
Even I am interested in your offer. I am a bit comfortable with computers and websites, so I can be a helping hand. Your offer of sharing profits is even good, but you need to clear the proceedings i.e. how one will come to know how much revenue is coming or how can anybody receive the payments.