are chewing gums good or bad to our health?

May 1, 2009 11:25am CST
I observe that wherever i go,in a cinema, in a seminar, on the bus and other public places, many of the people around are chewing bubble gums.And even me i used to have it while working, not only for the fresh mint that it gives to my mouth but also it refrains me from getting you think chewing gums are good to health?
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@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
1 May 09
I would have said that they were good for you if they were sugar free. However after spending $350 on a root canal because of an abscess the dentist said was from chewing too much it put too much stress on my teeth causing the problem. I was chewing at least three pieces a day for a couple hours each which is about 6 hours of daily chewing for a year before I had to give up gum all together. See I quit smoking and used chewing gum to fix the mouth habit, but then I used gum in excess too and it harmed me. So I think the rule of too much of anything is not good for you is the main thing.
• Greece
6 May 09
sad to hear that vicki2876!hi! i think im near doing the same! i always want to have something in my mouth to chew while working.its good i hear you from that i will lessen consuming gums.thanks for the advise.
• India
3 May 09
chewing gum is good some times but it is not good when u eat it on an empty stomach. cause when u eat on empty stomach salaiva is secreted in your mouth and your digestive system does not get food so it will create problem but normally sugar free or with sugar. chewing is not a problem. think about it. one glass of fruit juice gives u more sugar than any chewing gum.
• Philippines
1 May 09
[b][/b]I read that chewing gum helps in producing more saliva into your mouth which in turn washes away some bacteria that cause cavities, although it contains some sweetener which also cause cavities it should be chewed for at least 15-20 minutes to removed the sugar from the mouth, so in a way its good for the health.