I want to hear some good jokes.

United States
May 1, 2009 9:05pm CST
Hey look i have heard some pretty good jokes in my life, and i would like to hear more, to make it fair i will tell you one i know. "there was a blonde that just baught a new sports car, and she was taking it out for the first time. As she was driving, she cut in front of a big rig, and he motioned for her to pull over, so of course she does. She gets out of her new car, the truck driver walks over to her. He pulls a piece of chalk out of his pocket and then drew a circle around the blonde. He then told her that no matter what he does she is not allowed to step out side the circle. the blonde smiles and then willingly agrees. The truck driver then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pocket knife, and as doing so he was walking towards the brand new sports car. He then pops all four of her tires, and he looks around to see the blondes expression. The blonde had a slight grin on her face. wich upset the truck driver, and he goes back over to his truck and gets a base ball bat. He smashes every window in her car and then turns around to look at the blonde. Now she has a slight smile on her face. The truck driver takes out his knife and rips all of her interior apart. turning back at the blonde. Now she is giggling, well the truck driver doesnt find this funny at all. He gets so mad that he poors gasoline on her car and sets it on fire! The blonde is laughing so hard that she can barely stand, and the truck driver ask her what is so funny. The blonde simply said ever time you were not looking i stepped outside the circle."
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@kircho (493)
• Bulgaria
6 Jul 09
Check this one: Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven "ate" nine. If you want to read more- there are a lot of jokes here: http://best-online-jokes.blogspot.com/
• United States
7 Jul 09
lol.. old school, keeping it real lol
• China
3 May 09
i have a short one ~ what's the diffrence being hit by a car heading U or one that hit you from your back? answer is , for the first one ,we hear :ahh.....bang!!!! for the latter one, we hear:bang.....ahh!!!!
• United States
3 May 09
thats a good one lol.. inever heard that one
2 May 09
haha good one! There were three guys on a plane. One guy had a n empty bottle and he asked the pilot what to do with it. He said chuck it out the window. The second guy also had an empty bottle and he threw it ou the window as well. The third guy had a bomb and asked the pilot what to do with it. The pilot sai throw it ut the window! When they arive and get out of the airplane they come across a crying girl. They asked why she was crying. The girl said he was hit in the head by a random bottle. They walked off and came across another crying girl. She told them that she was hit in the head by a bottle that came out of they sky. They walked on and came across a boy laughing hystericly. They asked him why he was laughing. The boy said he walked past a buliding and farted and it blew up! LOL! hope ya liked it!
• United States
2 May 09
lol i like that one that was good. i am not trying to be racist but i heard this from a friend lol how come mexico does not have a olympic team... because everyone that can run, jump, or swim.. is already over in America. no offense by all means just something i heard