Anybody is the Glen Beck show today?

United States
May 2, 2009 3:58am CST
I am so glade that people are standing up to be heard. As one member of the audience stated, it's not about Parties it's about Policy's. People are afraid of what is happening to our country. It's about policy not about big government. It's not about hating Mexicans, it's about boardor security, it's how thin we are running our Military around the world as peace keepers. It's about higher taxes that we all are going to be paying. That our Children and our grand children well be paying back for all of the wasted tax payers dollars, to bail out failed banks and failed Auto industries. It's about our future, it's about our love for our country. Come July 4th we the people well be in the streets across the nation again for another Tax Tea Party. United we'll stand strong, Divided we'll fall. We will send another strong message to Washington.
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@xfahctor (14118)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
3 May 09
I watch very little mains tream news these days, they are all in someone's tank. but I do watch beck, because he is one of the few on any network who isn't a mouth piece or shill for washington. I saw the show friday and I wish more poeple would have watched it. Did you see the one guy in the audience who got up and said "Fox is juts as bad!" I love the honesty of the show, it's refreshing, Beck is one of the few in the media who truly get it. even Fox took the tea parties and expolited them it was shamefull, but at least they got some good exposeure, I guess I can consider Fox to be what Stalin would have called a "usefull idiot" for our cause.
@peavey (16937)
• United States
2 May 09
I watched that show yesterday and it was really good. I wish Washington would pay attention and quit lumping everything under "extremism." The people WILL be heard, so the sooner they listen, the easier it's going to be on everyone. Glenn Beck is courageous and I applaud him for it.