How can you love someone if you know your going to get hurt?

@wirnen (67)
South Africa
May 2, 2009 8:33am CST
My friend loves this girl and there going steady and everything but she has cancer and the doctors gave her about 7 weeks.
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@rich_yu (163)
• Israel
10 May 09
i watch one tv program and its about this he meet the girl and know that the girl has a cancer but because he love the girl he continue it and you know what happen the 6month that give of the doctor it fast more than that when they get mmarried in the church the girl is in while chair but because they figth and help one other now they have a 2 child now and they happy and still in love..
@lynnemg (4529)
• United States
4 May 09
I think that if you love someone, you love them. If my husband were to fall terminally ill, of course, I would be devastated, but I would still love him. I would be there every day for as long as he was alive and do my best to be sure that he went knowing how much I love him. How can we love someone knowing we will be hurt? We just do, there is no other answer than that.
@coldmoon (1088)
• France
2 May 09
I think that the quality of a relationship should be more considered than the amount of time. There many people who live for a long time but never know what is a true love. So, it'd better to encourrage your friend to spend the final time by the side of that poor girl and make it be the happiest periode in their life. If you feel hurt, then it won't be love but just an addiction. Love is for only the ones who dare to live with their all for others, and it's too lux for the ones who choose to get rid of challenges.
• Philippines
3 May 09
you neither choose the right time nor the right place when you fall in love. loving someone knows no logic nor bounds. when you choose to love a person, you love him/her by everything that he/she is. you may love a person because of... but you can love a person in spite of. your friend chose to love a girl because of and in spite of. that is his choice. i made the same choice also. my boyfriend has a brain tumor, a highly sensitive and specialized surgery is needed but it can either prolong his life or live like a vegie. his first operation wasn't that successful. he didn't want the second one though. he'd rather have a short full life than the uncertainty of the latter. when we became friends, i knew then that he has been sick and was given 2 years. it was a couple of years as friends when we became a couple. and it's been 3 and a half years since. we took the risk of loving. the relationship is not at its best right now, but that's the risk of loving too.
• United States
3 May 09
if you really care about the person it doesnt matter how long you have left together you should make evry moment that you have together count live evryday like its your last no matter what . i know it will hurt to lose someone you love but if you know that you were with them til the end and were with them evry step of the way then you will have all the good memories to help you get through anything after they are gone. its hard to lose someone you love but you can make it through it if you leave them now you will always wonder what could have happened and you will feel horrible that you left them all alone when it was there time. Imagine how she feels knowing that she is dieing and there is nothing you can do its best to be there for her and make her last weeks as happy for her as you can.
• Philippines
2 May 09
If your friend really loves her, he would be spending his time on the last days of the girl and love her more. Let it be an experience, he should learn from it and be it in his memory forever. Even if loosing her hurts that bad, he should be loving her more to give her the happiest days of her life. :)