your favorite interest.........

@parthu28 (498)
May 2, 2009 1:37pm CST
hey there mylotters..... we have all been here for a long time now starting various discussions and responding to many more......have you ever observed any pattern about which is the interest you like the most to start a discussion or respond?????????? for me it is mostly relationships or questions and answers....... which is the interest in mylot which is most commonly used by you here at mylot.......(any specific reasons?????????????)
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@nokimchen (253)
• India
5 May 09
I love Orkut and Mobile Interest! Actually, the best thing about them is that i use them everyday and so i can write bout them very well. I can reply to all the discussion in those interest and give them a relevant response with a big description. Besides those, I also love the Blogging interest cos I've just started blogging and whenever i get any difficulty i can start a discussion. I also get a lot of ides and tips from that interest. I love mylot for paying its members for discussion :) I have already started a few topic in Blogging interest and I've got responses in all the discussion. Thats the reason i love mylot. The people here make the place sweet and helpful. I also like Mylot, Make extra Money Interest. I know all of you like it too. Actually, I like almost all the interest but i didn't join them cos most of the discussion in other interest are so hard to response.
@boogerman (1548)
• Philippines
4 May 09
Good day, parthu28. Well, my favorite interests that I used to hang out was people, mylot, questions and answers, cell phone and earn extra money. I always check out if there are new discussions to respond. If there are no new discussions, I dig for the older ones while waiting for someone to start a new discussion. This is my response, happy mylotting...
@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
3 May 09
My favourite interests would have to be Questions and Answers because it is a fun section with varied questions and...That's right, answers! Always fun and interesting. Life because it is a wide ranging interest that can cover so many aspects of day to day living. Relationships because they make the world go around!
@Mitraa (3187)
• India
2 May 09
My interest is information, friendship and discussions and responses! All these are avilable to me in myLot. Thanks and have a good day!