House Of Night Novels

May 2, 2009 7:27pm CST
I came across the first book in this series written by P.C Cast and Kirstin Cast, at first I thought "Oh, here we go yet another vampire story!" But I was bored and needed a quick read so I took it home. What I found when I began reading was that it was different from your typical vampire book, it was written as if the story was being told by a teenager, and not only that the legends and myths that were embedded into the story fit extremely well. If you haven't read the books they are based on the idea that instead of being bitten and then becoming one of them you were chosen by the goddess "Nix" or goddess of night. At first all you have physically is a mark like a tattoo on your forehead, its plain and not coloured in. As one would typically go through puberty a chosen youngster would slowly go through the changes to becoming a vampire, on top of that they have special vampire high schools where you learn not only regular subjects but also how to be a vampire. Each person has at least one special ability, from controlling an element to being able to prophesy some events in the future. The biggest worry for these new vampires is that you could die from the change before becoming a full fledged vampire. One special student, the one the story is about, ends up with many different abilities and as she progresses (rather quickly for a fledgling) her tattoo's spread showing that she is following what Nix has asked of her. Throughout the series troubles arise that she and her friends have to conquer together, each time getting more and more dangerous. I believe that the story line has been written quite well, and the placement of the myths and legends that one may not typically find or associate with vampires adds to the story all that much more. If you have read the story have you looked into the myths that were added? Do you think its just another vampire series or an eye catcher? If you do not read typical vampire books would you consider reading one with other myths tied in to the story line? Lastly out of all the vampire style books out there today which one do you think would be more plausible if they really existed?
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@samafayla33 (1856)
• United States
3 May 09
Twilight makes every single person want to read vampire stories, and it also happened when anne rice's interview with a vampire came out. I like vampire stories, one of my favorites was "The lost boys"
• Canada
3 May 09
I haven't really gotten into the Twilight series mainly because of all the hype and attention its been getting. Not to hit it down or anything. Interview with the vampire was pretty good. I think The Lost Boys was what started my interest in the subject, though the story line could have been a bit better but there was a draw there. Something that caught the eye. I found that most books and movies that become great are the ones that make you think about the things that aren't easily explained. Like religious texts, myths and legends, when you learn about them in some ways they sound almost unbelievable but yet there are things that do make sense and could perhaps happen. It opens doors to what we may have lost as children, the ability to imagine and believe without having to see it or touch to know its real. As adults we tend to grab at things that pull us back to those times when the world could be safe and dangerous all at the same time and all you had to do to go from one to the other was close your eyes and just believe.