Do you check for nutritional information on pakaged food prducts?

@DanBen (346)
May 3, 2009 1:50am CST
I never bother to check these minute detail frankly, but it's my mom who's addicted on checking the nutritional value of packed food products every time we go grocery shopping. It's irritating to see her carefully read those fine print details, but the fact remains that nutritional values of each product makes up for a healthy lifestyle.
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3 May 09
for me it all depends on what the food product is. if its a snack item like chips or ice cream, then no i dont check the nutritional info panel-well cause its a treat and when i want something that is sweet/salty and is a TREAT then i dont want anything thats diet or light or any of that blah blah better for you junk lol! now if im shopping for a food item for my grandmother, i do look at the nutrional panels as much as i can. she is diabetic so by being aware of the amount of sugar in products can really help me when it comes to preparing her meals.