Love never dies

@springs (926)
May 3, 2009 5:22am CST
hi guys,Lovers live on hope.And if the hope lost in one of them and leaves the other,what will the other do.Everybody loves someone in our life,the one left you whom u loved the most.It happens sometimes.What u did when they left you.It is a horrible to think but share ur feelings
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• Saint Lucia
3 May 09
Well i was in love with this wonderful guy for four years then suddenly he left me for someone better.At first i was devastated,hurting and could not believe it.Then i wanted to hurt him in anyway possible way but i chose to go my way and leave him alone .it wasnt easy but i prayed everyday for strength and courage.the best thing is to quickly accept that and try to move on.feel good when you cry and it helps.I never called or tried to see him and i only saw his car once since he left me.although last month he tried calling me twice i didnt take the calls because i still do love him.i care about him but i know that i had to let go.easier when you accept the fact that he or she has given up.praying helps and trust avoid every contact,discussion and mutual friends.
@eshaan (6192)
• India
3 May 09
for ur condition or anyone going through such phase it will be easy to cope up if you think or take it this way....'Let the bird (ur love) fly and if it yours it will come back and if it doesnt, think that it was never yours.