Barack Obama... How do you think is going

@milagre (1272)
May 3, 2009 5:24am CST
Im living in Europe and often the knews and feedbacks are diferent from other continents. B. Obama hes been rolling for quite sometime and I would like to know about some feedbacks from outside Europeen community. How do you think things are going up to this moment? is BO doing a good job or some issues are strating to come out? thxs for yr posttings.
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@wakinsey (141)
• United States
3 May 09
Looking at the mess he was handed the day he took office, I think he's doing a great job given the circumstances.
@xfahctor (14122)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
3 May 09
In the 100 days he has been president, he has managed to put is in more debt than the last imbicil did in his 8 years INCLUDING the cost of two wars. In the last 100 days, he has managed totwist, distort and outright ignore the constitutional limits of his office enough to rival the wanna-be dictator before him. He is more of the same BS we have been handed election after election. But then, I knew this before the elections even took place.
• United States
3 May 09
Without getting all political on it, the breakdown is about as your would expect. His popularity is running about average for a president 100 days into his term. The 1/3 of the country that is liberal thinks he is doing great, the 1/3 that is conservative think he is horrible, the 1/3 in the middle are giving him his 100 day grace period. Over the next few months, the opinion of the middle will start to firm up as they begin to look at President Obama responsible for current conditions good or bad. The popularity of a politician is really determined by how those in the middle feel about him/her.