What do you use ebay for?

May 3, 2009 6:22am CST
I use eBay for buying banknotes. What do you use eBay for? Tell me what you use eBay for.
4 responses
@magic9 (981)
• China
4 May 09
I search books and cosmetics from it. Oh dear, I really spend a lot of time on seraching items from items. There are tons of them.
@gcorp09 (940)
• Singapore
3 May 09
I mainly use eBay to sell my items. I had sold my used CDs & camera on eBay before. Currently, I am selling some of my Gundam, Evangelion & Macross model kits collection on eBay.
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
3 May 09
I have a script that allows me to sell products on eBay that belong to other people, so I don't even have to own them. Then when I sell a product eBay splits the money they earn from the sale with me. It's a great opportunity. I just keep blogging about my love of fishing and gardening and pointing to my ebay listings, well actually to other people's auctions and if they bid and win the bid I earn income.
@wolfie34 (26790)
• United Kingdom
3 May 09
I use Ebay to buy books, cds, dvds and items for the gym. I find books and cds very expensive especially when you go to the high street to buy them and you can save quite a lot of money by buying them through Ebay, you just have to watch the postal costs. I am not a keen shopper anyhow and much rather the convenience of being able to buy on line, I find Ebay perfect for my requirements and I have always found them reliable and have been very pleased with my purchases in the past.