do you inspire by watching movies?

May 3, 2009 8:07am CST
i think there are lot of movie lovers in my lot as well as outside my some people are inspired by watching movies and few people do u inspire by watching movies?if you inspire by watching movies,by watching what types of movies will u inspire?can u share ur feelings?
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@arkasen (748)
• India
3 May 09
Yes I sometimes get inspired by watching movies. There are some movies that provide a some kind of message and if you get the message then you start thinking other way. We all have seen spiderman, isn't it?? I am inspired by one line from that movie. In that movie the uncle Ben told to spiderman that "with great power, comes great responsibility". I think its true. If someone has the power then he should not miss use it against others. It is his responsibility to do something that will help others.
@dandit (132)
• Indonesia
3 May 09
I like the movie with the theme of humanity. Many of the movie with the theme of humanity would I get from the movie with the background of war. Movies such as Schindler's List, Platoon and Band Of The Brothers provide a very meaningful lesson for me. That movies not directly provide the inspiration for me to deal with every day activities. But at least, I can take lessons and begin to understand the good side and the bad side.
@DanBen (346)
• India
3 May 09
Pay it Forward, Pursuit of Happyness,Patch Adams, The Passion of the Christ,Henry Poole is Here, are some of the few movies that inspired me A LOT!! I'm mostly into drams, and real life documentaries, that speak to your mind, heart and soul.