Do you admit it is you if someone accidentally smells your fart?

@mbs2323 (254)
May 3, 2009 10:21am CST
My sister just caught me! She heard I farted, what we did? We laughed. I think it's not a big deal to fart among your family members because we're used to each other. BUT.. What if it happens in public? With unknown people? Would you run as far as possible so that no one would guess it was you? Or what if someone smells the stinky gas and confidently point to you? Tell me what would you do?
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@tinonzo (67)
• Philippines
4 May 09
Haha! I think there was a study or something before that whoever speaks up first is the one who is guilty. I guess if you are with close friends, I wouldn't mind admitting it. It would even generate laughs. If in public and with strangers, I wouldn't even dream of admitting it. I would just casually and nonchalantly pretend (maybe squint my nose in disgust, hehe) also that it wasn't me and that it was the another person beside me.
@mbs2323 (254)
• Malaysia
7 May 09
Haha I'd do the same thing! Isn't it just so embarrassing to admit plublicly? Especially when it smells weird and people start sniffing and covering their nose. I wouldn't mind too with close friends, sometimes we even compare whose fart is louder! :D
• Philippines
11 May 09
yes, That we do too. We get a lot of laughs to see who is the real winner. In our family, we already recognize most of the time whose fart is it that came out just by the smell of it. hehe.