how could i make friends?

May 4, 2009 2:06am CST
firstly, i want to say that i have a lot of friends.but my problem is that i feel my friends are not very sincere, not so easy to chat with, play with,or go on with.i am confused. is this my problem?i think im not brave enough to come to them can i be brave?...
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• Philippines
4 May 09
Real friendship involves honesty. For you to be able to cultivate real friends, you must be brave enough to tell them the truth--no matter what, even when its painful. In fact, conflict is actually the key to a close relationship. Until you "CARE" to confront barriers sincerely, you'll never grow close to them. In my own experience, in highschool, i really didn't make it to have real friends because i don't know myself better that's why i would often please others just to live up to their expectations. but in the end, i realized that it's wrong and it's in fact, very stressful because you are not always at ease with yourself and there's no sense of "belongingness". that's why loving yourself is actually very important before loving others. if you know yourself and love yourself, you would be having a hard time loving others also. "In the end, people appreciate frankness more than flattery'- Prov. 28:23 --- Want to know how God talks to you? Find out at
• China
4 May 09
"loving yourself is actually very important before loving others."i like this sentense.thank you so much to share your advise.but in fact,always telling them the truth is hard for me.