What will you do if you caught your husband with his mistress in a motel room?

May 4, 2009 3:43am CST
I am always been a day dreamer, but this afternoon I thought of this. What if my mom caught him in a motel room? Which is not so far to see because my dad has been a notorious womanizer as the age of 53. I have pictured the scene and saw my mom's face in shocked. If you were in that situation what will you do? Will you sue them?
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@ellovire (409)
4 May 09
i will surely sue them both and i will make sure that i will have the last laugh. i will prove in court that he indeed comitted adultery and i will fight for my and my children's rights--financial rights that is. if my husband is a known womanizer, i will have no second thoughts of leaving him but i will make sure that he will pay for his womanizing actions and regret it in the end.
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• Afghanistan
4 May 09
Same here. I don't know what to do if i were in that shoes. I wont make a scandal to ruin my name or etiquette but then again I will be mad. will you hurt them?
@prinzcy (32322)
• Malaysia
4 May 09
At first I thought of something involving physical moves (ie : slapping, punching, kicking, etc) alongside verbal attack. Then, suing isn't a bad idea. I save my hands and feet from hurting, so does my face from shame. I'll definitely do that.