it is hard to get points in referrals?

@mymaria (379)
May 4, 2009 3:59am CST
i experience this. it is hard for me to get points in referrals. can you help me so that i can earn more. thank you
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@Yori88 (1465)
• Philippines
4 May 09
I don't have any referrals. I tried telling my friend about mylot but they never really like it. So I do not have choice but to earn alone. I think when you have more referrals then you might earn more but if you do not have then that is a problem because you have to work hard. I had two referrals before but they were never active and I think they neglected their accounts so my it is useless referring others. I guess those you will refer should show interest here but you can't really tell.
• India
4 May 09
yeah you are right. just like a saying you can drag a horse to a lake but you can't make it drink the water. similarly we cant do anything if our members are not active . its definitely a hard task to get referrals. but try and try and believe in yourself. all the very best.
@tzaddi (395)
• Philippines
9 May 09
Hi there, it's really hard to get referrals in online sites. but I can help you expose your banners. pm me and i'll tell you some details. I too am having a hard time getting referrals.
@boogerman (1544)
• Philippines
4 May 09
Hello, mymaria! Well, if your referrals are not active, you will not earn from them. Instead, find another referral or just work harder for yourself. We must not barely depend on the help of others, just believe in yourself. Happy mylotting and have a nice day!
@Bloggership (1104)
• Indonesia
8 May 09
I do encountered the same things as you are mymaria. Even i already create a blogs to promote the sites. It is still difficult to convince them to join under me. I have one referral at but he does not seems to be active. It's ok think...
@umamahe (99)
• India
4 May 09
as everyone said its difficult to earn from referrals..its better you do your work and get paid..even the same happened with me..the persons whom i referred are not concentrating and i have stopped earning from it..