Have you and your partner ever out of topics to talk about?

United States
May 4, 2009 4:37am CST
I saw some couples are out of topics to talk about all the sudden. They were not speaking to each other anymore when they were together. All they ever speak to each other is general greetings such as "Good morning!" "How are you?" There weren't much to talk about. Sometimes they felt awkward too. Don't you ever experienced that before?
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• India
4 May 09
Many times. Twelve years of togetherness has really made us understand each other so well that sometimes words are redundant. Instead we are just there in the house, doing each other’s work, small time gossip or listening to some music or reading the newspaper, watching TV and all that. We don’t need to talk to each other all the time.
@dpk262006 (56873)
• Delhi, India
4 May 09
LOL! I think there is no dearth of topics to be discussed between a couple. When we are alone and we are either going for a walk or sitting idle, we keep discussing various events and happenings and keep telling and sharing with each other our experiences. I just cannot keep quiet, when I am with my partner.
@chillpill90 (1937)
4 May 09
i can luckily say that me and my other half never run out of things to tlk about we have been together for 5 months and can still tlk for hours and hours about anything. I think that people who run out of things to say to their partner aren't being totally open or are scared of saying something embarrasing which doesn't make sense as their your partner so you shouldn't care if you get embarrased around them.
@assunta (25)
• Philippines
4 May 09
i believe that in every relationship, there will come a time when both of you just want silence, not because you're out of stories to tell. Mere holding hands speak of a lot of things. It is different when a person in a relationship really turned cold and wouldn't talk. if that happens then maybe they should give their relationship a check. my husband and i never run out of things to discuss. sometimes we're into really serious topics and sometimes we're just chatting insensibly, just having some fun.