canteen business in secondary school

May 4, 2009 5:18am CST
i am opening a canteen in secondary school but i dont know what to sell? do u have any idea? pls. share it with me... guys, make sure that you post something that can be afford by high school students... thanks
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• Philippines
4 May 09
hi james! where exactly are you located? urban or rural? in a city, town or municipality? in a private or public highschool? i checked and it wasn't mentioned in your profile. some factors in opening a market for highschool students is your location and type of school. it tells the affordability bracket for the consumers. it will also help you to have an idea what types of food you can afford to sell at the price that consumers can afford to buy. how big is your potential market (number of students who eat in the canteen)? aside from affordability, the market size is an important factor too. ask a few students what they want to buy from a canteen. then ask yourself what you can sell or cook. match the need with your capacity. for snacks, the usual would be: sandwich, biscuits, bread, spaghetti, pancit, and noodle soup (sopas). for meals, the affordable would be: adobo, afritada, menudo, vegies and fried fish. but then again... it depends on who are your market, the market size, and location. maybe if you could give me a little more information... i could give a few ideas. my sister is in a canteen business too. :)